Contact the best Pinball Shop One Year Limited Warranty Our One Year Limited Warranty, which includes new and refurbished products, covers telephone diagnosis and repair and replacement of defective parts for up to one year after you receive your machine. Contact the best Pinball Shop . Our warranty also covers labor on the first service call within the first 30 days after you receive your machine. This warranty does not cover abuse or misuse or any item that is moved or repaired without authorization by The Pinball Company, LLC. The following products are excluded from any warranty: pinball machines and arcades made prior to 1990, any item being used in a non-residential setting, any item used at a rental property and items noted “as is” in the product description. Coin-mechanisms are not included with purchase of machines and are not covered by warranty.

    Pinball draws you in like no other classic game. The chaotic randomness of the ball interacting with bumpers, poorly timed flipper shots, miscalculated angles, all while battling actual physics (gravity is merciless) ensures that every game is unique. Compare that with Donkey Kong or Ms. Pac Man (both great games don’t get me wrong) which are relatively identical every time you play. Contact the best Pinball Shop. Most pins have multiple different ways to play the game (or you can ignore the rules completely and just have fun shooting ramps and keeping your ball alive as long as you can), sharing more in common with Grand Theft Auto than Super Mario Brothers. Contact the best Pinball Shop

    Pinball machines are also complicated mechanical marvels, with the end result akin to a beautiful watch or classic car. They are nearly alive. They require care and feeding, constant adjustment to always play their best.

    The overall experience of a pinball game is just… EXCITING. The music, lights, sound effects, and non-stop action all add up to an immersive, adrenaline fueled rush.